Welder Resume

Welder Resume Sample


To get the job as a welder in a famous construction company.

Summary of Abilities:

* Five-year experience working as a welder;
* Good English communication skills;
* Excellent skills in using computer;
* Having abilities to perform welding task on various materials, metals such as steel or aluminum;
* Having excellent knowledge about acetylene and electric arc welding;
* Multi-task skills

Working Experience:

2003 – Present: Having been working as a senior welder for Klan Siebert, Ansonia, and CT

* Perform welding using super gas metal arc;
* Welding various types of materials including steel, aluminum and stain steel;
* Performing welding items for construction projects;
* Taking responsible for various minor welding works in construction projects;

1999 – 2003: Working as a Welder at San Burt Construction Inc., New York

* Handling multi-tasks;
* Reviewing blueprints and drawings for welding spare parts;
* Welding spare parts using gas and arc welding equipments;
* Assisting other welders and supporting in customs services;


* High School Diploma (1998);
* Certificate of passing a welding training course from a reputable vocational school;

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