TIG welder job description

TIG welder job description

A job description of TIG welder includes information such as key duties/responsibilities, job qualifications, skills, work conditions…

The individuals who use TIG welding which means the tungsten inert gas welding to weld variety of metals are the TIG welders. TIG welding is much more difficult and specialized than the normal MIG welding, so it is very difficult to find a qualified TIG welder but the remuneration for this position is quite good.

Job Duties

The welds which need the exactness should use TIG welding.

Two or more parts of metal are united together and welders use heat to melt and fixedly unite each parts. An extremely strong joint creating welding an important process in setting up building structures, automotive bodies, bridges, and more is the result of welding. Metal of different compositions as well as thinner parts of metal which are impossible to weld by the MIG welding will be united by TIG welding. In order to finish duties which are iterative or different from one weld to the next, normally welders have to obey written or verbal directions of a supervisor.

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