Pipe welder job description

Pipe welder job description

A job description of Pipe welder includes information such as key duties/responsibilities, job qualifications, skills, work conditions…

Pipe welders unite fixedly metal pipes by heat. The duty of them is to arrange and match them together before using melting metal to connect them. Pipe welders usually work in the petroleum industry, and weld pipes which are used to deliver oil and other fossil fuels. Power plants or sewer systems are welded by others. Pipe welders must get the appropriate training before starting to work in this field in order to face with the possible risks.


Arranging pipes basing on blueprints is the first duty of pipe welders. They use cast-iron, titanium or other metal pipes which are used for oil or gas lines, drains, water mains and sewers. They weld the pipes together after arranging them in order. Basing on the types of metal related and the cases in which the pipes will be used, pipe welders decide which weld is the best to use. In some situations, the pipes will be welded by hand and welders utilize heat to unite them together. In other situations, semiautomatic welding and a welding machine will be used to wind wire around the pipes to unite them.

Pipe welding has variety of positions such as the horizontal rolled position (1G); horizontal fixed position (5G); pipe incline fixed (6G); and vertical position (2G). It is particularly hard with pipe welding because difficult angles must be curved in order to unite pipes and weld them together.

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