MIG welder job description

MIG welder job description

A job description of MIG welder includes information such as key duties/responsibilities, job qualifications, skills, work conditions…

Two parts of metal are fixedly united together by using heat and electrical power in the welding process. Various kinds of industries, from shipbuilding to part manufacturing are using MIG welding. MIG stands for “metal inert gas”. It is a special kind of welding using a wire feed to supply filler material to the parts when uniting metals. One of the fast and cost-effective methods is MIG welding.

Description of Work

Not only using the welding machine to unite the metal parts, MIG welders are also asked to do various performances on those parts. Duty of MIG welders are to divide up parts, cut metal with plasma cutters or torches, read blueprints, drill holes, sharpen, shine, deliver metal with a forklift, impart with supervisors and other workers, and complete required work reports. MIG welders will get higher pay level if they are expert in these fields.

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